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Attorney Christopher MurrayAttorney Profile

Attorney Christopher F. Murray is a native South Shore resident who has been practicing law in courts throughout the Commonwealth since his admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 2001.

Attorney Murray is a graduate of Boston College High School, Boston College, and the New England School of Law. As a product of local schools, Mr. Murray has developed an extensive legal and professional network throughout the state.

Mr. Murray is a former Superior Court prosecutor for the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office. As an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Murray began in the District Court prosecuting thousands of cases including OUI/ DWI, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence cases, and assorted other misdemeanors and felonies. During this time he amassed a voluminous trial history and was successful in establishing himself as a lawyer unafraid to perform trial work. As a result, he was promoted to the lead prosecuting position of both the Plymouth and Brockton District Courts.

Continuing his time at the District Attorney's Office, Attorney Murray was promoted to the Superior Court where he then prosecuted more serious felonies including drug offenses, rape, firearm, (gun) and armed robbery offenses amongst others. Attorney Murray continued to try cases to juries throughout his time as an Assistant District Attorney and enjoyed a favorable success rate.

In addition to Attorney Murray's successful turn with the District Attorney's Office, Mr. Murray has also practiced trial work in a small criminal firm where he handled numerous trials on behalf of clients charged primarily with operating under the influence (OUI)/ driving while intoxicated (DWI) and assorted motor vehicle crimes. These cases naturally gave way to an understanding and knowledge of complicated Massachusetts' drunk driving laws and navigating clients through the always challenging Registry of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, Attorney Murray worked at a Boston law firm handling a wide variety of civil proceedings including personal injury actions, breach of contract, restraining orders, will and estate maters, and various others.

Attorney Christopher F. Murray has continued to use his experience and knowledge of the court system since forming Plymouth Rock Legal to successfully represent clients throughout Massachusetts in criminal and civil proceedings in both the District and Superior Courts.

In 2009, Attorney Murray was the lead counsel in Nolan v. Ocean Spray, a civil case in which his client was awarded $2.9 million after a three week jury trial in Plymouth Superior Court against a high powered Boston law firm.

He brings a well rounded approach to cases using his prior trial experience and assessment of legal issues that is founded and based from his time as an advocate on all sides of legal matters. Mr. Murray brings that even tempered experience to every legal matter he takes on and promises a fair assessment of your legal matter.

Mr. Murray is also a member of the United States District Court (1st Circuit) and serves as the secretary of the Plymouth District Bar Association.