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Massachusetts RMV License Suspensions

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has the power to suspend your license for a variety of reasons. The Registry of Motor Vehicles must notify you of their intention to suspend your license and right to operate a motor vehicle. Conversely, it is the driver's responsibility to notify the RMV of their correct address.

Three Speeding Tickets within one year the RMV must suspend your license for 30 Days. Five Surchargeables, any combination of five surchargeable offenses (tickets or accidents) within three years, the RMV requires you complete a remedial drivers course. Seven Surchargeables, any combination of seven surchargeable events, (tickets and accidents) the RMV must suspend your license for 60 DAYS  and requires completion of a remedial drivers course.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles may suspend a person's right to drive indefinitely if the DMV believes that the person's continued operation may endanger the safety of the public. Such a suspension is referred to as an "immediate threat" and is usually petitioned for by a representative of a police department.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will also suspend a driver's right to operate if he/she is found guilty of negligent operation. Such a conviction carries a 60 day loss of license. This can be avoided by having an experienced defense attorney advocate on your behalf to seek a Continued without a finding (CWOF) disposition.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Appeals

If the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has, or is planning to suspend your license you should seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process. Attorney Christopher F. Murray has years of success in defending those individuals that are facing short and extensive license suspensions. The RMV employs hearings officers to review your case. It is job of the hearings officer to decide whether or not the DMV has the right to suspend your license. If there is a discretionary suspension you have the right to appeal to a hearings officer.

After a hearing with a RMV hearing officer if the driver is not satisfied with the decision, the driver can appeal to the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals is a three person board, independent of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. This appeal requires a non-refundable filing fee. You have a right have an attorney represent you with both the RMV hearings officer or before the Board of Appeals.  

Attorney Christopher F. Murray is an experienced and effective advocate when dealing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and will provide you a fair assessment of your case.